Get to Know TRS Triathlon


The Team

IMG_1742Ben is the founder and publisher of TRS Triathlon, host of TRS Radio, co-host of the DC Rainmaker podcast. He is also founder and the slowest member of TRS Racing, an international amateur triathlon club..

aawebAaron Webstey is the King of All Technology. The Canadian former ITU pro and Olympic hopeful is the backbone of all things TRS. He built the forum, he keeps the website running well. He does it all. Aaron is the father to twin boys and his wife says that if this website doesn’t start making money soon, he has to find a new hobby and/or wife.

boringThe TRS Racing Team Director is none other than Zach Boring. He herds cats, manages all of the merchandise, organizes team events and decides who is on the team. The big-boned Dallas based engineer is also a force to be reckoned with in the 20-24 AG. He went 10:15 at Ironman Arizona for 2nd in his division.

Dark Mark is a frequent co-host and regular contributor to TRS Radio. He had less than 200 followers when Ben named his the #1 account to follow on twitter (that April 2014 Slowtwitch article has since been deleted because #slowmerta). The Ironman Lake Placid 7th place stunt was his idea. Now he rules twitter with a steady stream of triathlon related jokes.

omaraFreelance writer, Kelly O’Mara, frequently covers races for TRS Triathlon from her home in the San Francisco Bay Area. She quit triathlon for a few years, “because triathletes can be annoying”, but now she’s back into it and only hanging out with the non-annoying triathletes. She finished 2nd overall at Ironman Wisconsin 2015 and will be racing in Kona in 2016.

adrienneAdrienne Taren covers races and occasionally writes about other interesting topics. She’s a a MD/PhD in Neuroscience researching stress, the brain & the neuroscience of mindfulness training. She is also a fairly decent triathlete/runner/writer and an average ultra-distance swimmer, if there is such a thing.

233d4093a03f14513e0d3c30ca774a42Frequent contributor Jim Gourley is the author of Faster: Demystifying the Secrets of Triathlon Speed and The Race Within: The Story of the Ultraman Triathlon. He is also a regular contributor to Tom Ricks’ blog “The Best Defense.” His work has been featured in Men’s Health, Stars and Stripes, and other triathlon and cycling publications.11899590_1163148687045452_1337617629_n


Why the hell is the site called “TRS”? Well, back in late 2013, Ben started an anonymous twitter parody account that spoofed professional triathlete and provocateur, Andrew Starykowicz (aka Starky). @therealstarky (TRS) became a very popular twitter account because of the brash, sarcastic, obnoxious and sometimes even hilarious commentary on all things triathlon.

His antics were covered by Slowtwitch (since deleted because #slowmerta), Triathlete Magazine, Deadspin and the New York Times (not really).

In Oct 2014, Ben and sidekick, Dark Mark, flew in to Kona for the Ironman World Championship. With the help of their first sponsor, Huub Design, they launched TRS Radio, a popular podcast that routinely gets over 10,000 downloads per episode. Previous guests include Rinny, Crowie, Macca, Jan Frodeno, Sebastian Kienle, Leanda Cave, Simon Whitfield, Andy Potts and even Lance Armstrong.

In March of 2015, Aaron Webstey (King of All Technology) helped re-vamp Ben’s sophomoric Squarespace blog, and together they launched, an internet paradise for fun-loving, truth-seeking triathletes and fans of pro triathlon racing. They brought on some terrific writers to cover races and explore controversial topics that the lame-stream triathlon media was unwilling to discuss, and the forum grew to thousands of interested and interesting members.